June 26, 2007
I have been doing a lot more collage and assemblage work.
Later Stuff


June 12, 2004

          Lots going on in my life. We are moving to a new house. Maybe I'll get all of my art stuff organized. Yeah- right....

          Collage. I have become interested in collage. And assemblage.

Collage, decollage, decoupage, assemblage, sculptural assemblage, montage, photomontage- up to and including altered book art and altered 'other stuff' art. I'm still wandering about in the quagmire of definitions for this stuff.

          I had been playing with the 'altered stuff' concept for a while. Then I saw some collage work by DJ Pettit. I know her from the New Idea Exchange yahoo group. I find her work quite inspirational. We don't really have similar styles, but I love her approach to materials. She was the one who got me interested in all the Golden gel mediums and molding paste and glazes and lots of other cool stuff. Thanks DJ. :)

DJ was using her OWN artwork- drawings, paintings, photographs, her own personal stuff in COLLAGES. Wow! Why had that never occurred to me?

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images with some explanation of what I did and how.

Both of these have 3-D elements- so I think they may be assemblage and not actual collage. ???

The one on the left is a box I'm working on. I think it is almost finished. It is my skeleton closet. Enter at your own risk. Sort of personal- so there won't be much in the way of explanation other than technique stuff for how it was done. This one, I'm pretty sure, is an assemblage. ;)

The other one is a cigar box project. I used some interesting techniques for the background. I've scanned that on it's own and have used it for other digital projects.