June 22, 2007

I've done a lot more experimenting with faux dichro techniques. There are some cool new products out there.
Check out some current work with this stuff:
Faux carnival glass

April 5, 2004

          I've been experimenting.

          I played around with some different materials trying to get a Faux diachronic glass look. I wanted some opaline stuff in it too. I was inspired by one of the gals on the Our Stamping Studio forum, Patty Dennis. Patty does some great stuff with mixed media art.

          I couldn't seem to get the look I wanted. I kept adding things, combining and recombining mixtures. I finally came up with some things I liked. Not what I was initially trying for- but I liked them anyway.

The flakes I used on these came in a great big bag from the craft store. It is some sort of confetti. ??? No clue what it is.

The black hotglue sticks are from After Midnight Art Stamps. Big long sticks- a bit softer than the clear stuff I have.

I had first gotten the black hotglue from Biblical Impressions. They had some really fun make and take stuff at a convention. Nice people, I spent more time at their booth than anywhere else. It was worth the price of the convention admission just to hang out at their booth and learn their techniques.
I got some of their hotglue, some mold making stuff (very cool stuff!), and really really wanted their metallic powder sets but decided I needed to earn some more money first. LOL

Mixing the hotglue and the embossing powders along with Glossy accents gives a really sturdy end product.

Tried another method. Used Friendly Plastic!

I've also been playing with the mold making stuff from Biblical Impressions.

4/13           I finished up some of the molds and got a few things cast. Yay! Click on the knife to see my first tries with making and using molds.