March 26/27, 2004

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          I said something about writing this in chronological order- beginning at the beginning and following my journey with stamping. Well, that ain't gonna happen.

          I'll be jumping around and adding random bits- things I'm working on- probably going back and revisiting some older stuff. Random- like my stamping projects.

          Lately I've been playing around with the "art doll" thing. Someone at Our Stamping Studio (which is sadly no longer around) put out a call for art dolls. Nice group of stampers there. :) I've really been enjoying their forums.

           I had a template for an Egyptian doll that I had never done anything with really (long story), and I was working on another for a Flat Friend project- this was based on the Flat Stanley idea.

          I started playing around. Took me a while to understand what this was all about- but once you start they do get kind of addictive. I had a bunch of dominoes and was trying out different things with them. A lot of art dolls have dominoes in them. I don't think there are any rules for art dolls though. That is probably some of their appeal.

          I found some beautiful playing cards at the thrift store. I scanned and printed them out so I could cut them up to use for the art dolls. Didn't have the heart to cut the actual cards.

I used the scans of the cards on some, used candy wrapper molds on some...played with stamps- just messed around.

I think the ones below count as art dolls. They are all dolls of a sort- some are altered... My shaman doll probably counts too, but he is already on another page. I think you can put a lot of things in this "art doll" catagory.