March 24, 2004

          Linda sent me a huge box of videos on stamping techniques. Gave me a lot of ideas for things to do with rubber stamps. I couldn't believe all the amazing things people were doing with this stuff. Wow!

          I have to admit though- most of the videos were akin to sleeping potions. Not that the information was boring- but they all seemed to have these soporific voices and they were very slow paced. Seriously, I would put one in and would be nodding off in about ten minutes. I finally learned to just fast forward to the pertinent parts- the "How you do this" stuff.

Well, except for the one by Suzie Weinberg. She is totally upbeat and her stuff was even fun to watch. She has some wonderful stuff on her website. Great place to look for inspiration.

          I kept trying out different techniques- lots of experimenting- one project would send me off in twenty different directions. Lots of fun.

This was one of the first projects I did that had a lot of steps. I don't remember which video had this background technique.

I had a lot of background papers I had made with a variation on the Joseph's coat technique that were overall pretty boring- but they had some nice colors and textures. So I cut them up and stuck them to the sticky side of some sticker paper made for injet printing. I added some bits of metallic candy wrappers. Then I poured gold embossing powder over the whole thing and heated it up. I really like this background technique- I should do some more of these....

I cut the background freehand to shape and layered it over some gold glossy that I had colored with various inks- mostly Colorbox- different metallics from one of the petal point sets.

Medallion is done with hotglue and rub on metallic wax. Layered over a piece of cardboard drawn on with a gold felt tip ink pen and layered with another piece from the cut up background papers.

The eye is done on Sheer Heaven- printed out and colored with Prisma colored pencils and chalk pastels with the eyeliner embossed with gold detail ep.