Report on RadCon:

What a thrill to be Guest of Honor at this popular northwest convention. Tir-Cities, Washington is a lovely area on the high desert plaeau of the Columbia Basin. Just about 40 miles from Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the con takes it name from radiation containment. Sorry to say they didn't name it after me.

2003 marked the 12th year of this con. They had an increase in registrations, nearly 1400, when many cons have seen numbers fall drastically. They have a strong gaming tract with smaller science, costuming, and writing tracts of programming. I learned about crop circles and visited with the Reptile Man. Many of the denizens of this con wandered the halls with snakes wrapped around necks and arms. I screwed up my courage and touch an iguana and the tortoise, but not the snakes. Please keep the snakes away from me.

The local writers group has some very talented people and they filled my panels to standing room only. The entire con staff treated me very well. And they certainly know how to party hardy. I'm looking forward to going back next year as just another participant. I want to make this a regular stop in my schedule.

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