Merlin's Descendants Bibliography

Here is a list of books I used to research the Merlin's Descendants books. I cannot promise that I have read all of every book, but I have looked into every one and used parts of most. Of course I also tapped the minds of a number of people who have more expertise than I in certain areas. Some of my copies of these books are too old to have ISBN numbers. They may have been reprinted by the same or different publishers. The list has the information I have. You may have to research some of the titles to find copies. I hope you have as much fun browsing library shelves and used book stores as much as I did.

Irene Radford

Guardian of the Trust

Guardian of the Vision and Guardian of the Promise

Guardian of the Freedom

Guardian of the Balance Bibliography

King Arthur, Merlin, the Dark Ages, and British Pre-History

Alphabetical by author

Alcock, Leslie; WAS THIS CAMELOT? Excavations at Cadbury Castle 1966-70; Stein and Day Publishers, New York, NY 1972, ISBN 8128-1505-x

Alcock, Leslie THE LANDSCAPE OF KING ARTHUR, Henry Holt and Company, New York, NY 1987, ISBN 0-8050-0711-3

Ashe, Geoffrey; KING ARTHUR’S AVALON, The Story of Glastonbury; Barnes and Noble Books; New York, NY 1957, ISBN0-88029-850-2

Barber, Richard, KING ARTHUR IN LEGEND AND HISTORY; Cardinal, London, England 1961, ISBN 0 351 15269 5

Balfour, Michael, STONEHENGE AND ITS MYSTERIES, Charles Scribners and Sons, New York, NY 1979, ISNB 0-684-17272-0

Blundell, Nigel & Farrington, Kate; ANCIENT ENLAND, Promotional Reprint Co. Ltd, London, England, 1996, ISBN 1 85648 405 x

Bord, Janet and Colin; THE ENCHANTED LAND, Myths and Legends of Britain’s Landscape; Thorsons, an imprint of Harper Collins, San Francisco, CA 1995 ISBN 1-85538-407-8

Bord, Janet and Colin; MYSTERIOUS BRITAIN; Paladin Books, London 1972 ISBN 0-586-08157-7

Branston, Brian; THE LOST GODS OF ENGLAND, Oxford University Press, New York, NY 1974 ISBN 019 519796 8

Burl, Aubrey; THE STONE CIRCLES OF THE BRITISH ISLES; Yale University Press, New Haven & London 1976 ISBN 0-300-01972-6

Burl, Aubrey; PREHISTORIC AVEBURY, Yale University Press, New Haven & London 1979 ISBN 0-300-02368-5

Coghlan, Ronan; ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ARTHURIAN LEGENDS; Barnes and Noble Books, New York, NY 1991 ISBN 1-566190876-3

Cottrell, Leonard; SEEING ROMAN BRITAIN; Bracken Books, London 1956 ISBN 1-85891-128-1

Crampton, Patrick; STONEHENGE OF THE KINGS, A PEOPLE APPEAR; The John Day Co. New York, NY 1968 Library of Congress card number: 68-24144

Critchlow, Keith; TIME STANDS STILL; Gordon Fraser, London 1979 ISBN 0 86092 040 2

Cunningham, Scott; ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGICAL HERBS; Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota 1996 ISBN 0-87542-122-9

Dames, Michael; THE SILBURY TREASURE, The Great Goddess Rediscovered; Thames and Hudson, London, England 1976 ISBN 0 500 05027 9

Darrah, John; THE REAL CAMELOT, Paganism and the Arthurian Romances; Dorset Press 1981 ISBN 0-88029-027-7

Delaney, Frank; LEGENDS OF THE CELTS; Sterling Publishing Co., New York, NY 1992 ISBN 0-8-69-8350-7

Dobson, Brian and Breeze, David; THE ARMY OF HADRIAN’S WALL; Frank Graham, Newcastle upon Tyne, England 1972 SBN 902833 76 6

Dunning, R. W., ARTHUR THE KING IN THE WEST; Sutton Publishing, Gloustershire, England 1988 ISBN 1-85627-905-7

Fisher, D.J.V.; THE ANGLO-SAXON AGE c. 400-1042; Barnes and Noble Books, New York, NY 1973 ISBN 0-99029-894-4

Fowles, John; THE ENIGMA OF STONEHENGE; Summit Books, New York, NY 1980 ISBN 0-671-40116-5

Frazer, Sir James George, F.R.S., F.B.A.; THE GOLDEN BOUGH, A Study in Magic and Religion; MacMillan Company, New York, NY 1951 (no ISBN on my very old copy)

Gaunt, Bonnie; STONEHENGE A CLOSER LOOK; Bonnie Gaunt, Jackson Michigan 1979 ISBN 0-9602688-0-4

Gibson, Clare; SACRED SYMBOLS; Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY 1998 ISBN 1-887354-18-2

Gibson, Clare; GODDESS SYMBOLS; Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY 1998 ISBN 0-7607-0887-8

Godwin, Malcolm; THE HOLY GRAIL; Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY 1998 ISBN 0-7607-0780-4

Goodrich, Norma Lorre; THE HOLY GRAIL; Harper Perennial, New York, NY 1993 ISBN 0-06-092204-4

Goodrich, Norma Lorre; KING ARTHUR; Harper Perennial, New York, NY 1986 ISBN 0-06-097182-7

Goodrich, Norma Lorre; MERLIN; Harper Perenial, New York, NY 1988 ISBN 0-06-097183-5

Hardingham, Evan; CIRCLES AND STANDING STONES; Walker and Company, New York, NY 1975 ISBN 0-8027-0463-8

Hawkins, Gerald S.; STONEHENGE DECODED; Dell Publishing, New York, 1965 (no ISBN on my first printing paperback edition)

Herm, Gerhard; THE CELTS, The People Who Came Out of The Darkness; Barnes & Noble, New York, NY 1993 ISBN 1-56619-218-8

Hopkins, Andrea; THE CHRONICLES OF KING ARTHUR; Viking Studio Books, New York, NY 1993 ISBN 0-670-85232-5

Hutton, Ronald; THE PAGAN RELIGIONS OF THE ANCIENT BRITISH ISLES, Blackwell, Oxford UK and Cambridge USA 1991 ISBN O-631-18946-7

Hutton, Ronald; THE STATIONS OF THE SUN; Oxford University Press 1997 ISBN 0-19-288045-4

James, David & Davis, Courtney; THE CELTIC IMAGE; Cassell & Co. London 1996 ISBN0-304-35833-5

Jones, Prudence, & Nigel Pennick; A HISTORY OF PAGEN EUROPE; Barnes & Noble Books, New York, NY 1995 ISBN 0-7607-1210-7

Lacy, Norris J; THE ARTHURIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA; Garland Publishing, Inc. New York & London 1986 ISBN 0-824-08745-3

Lane, Peter; ROMAN BRITAIN; Anchor Press Ltd. London 1980 ISBN 0-7134-3354-x

Malory, new rendition by Baines, Keith; LE MORTE D’ARTHUR; Mentor Classics of New American Library, New York 1962 (No ISBN on my very old copy)

Mann, Nicholas R., GLASTONBURY TOR; Triskele, Glastonbury 1993 ISBN 0-9510682-1-0

Markale, Jean, translation by Christine Hauch; KING OF THE CELTS, Arthurian Legends and Celtic Tradition; Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 1994 ISBN 0-89281-452-7

Mathews, John & Stewart, Bob; WARRIORS OF ARTHUR; Blandford Press, London 1987 ISBN 0-7137-2146-4

Michael, John; CITY OF REVELATION; Ballantine Books, New York 1972 ISBN 0-345-25875-4

Monmouth, Geoffrey of; THE HISTORY OF THE KINGS OF BRITAIN; Penguin Classics 1966 ISBN 0-14044-170-0

Morris, John; THE AGE OF ARTHUR; Charles Scribners & Sons, New York 1973 SBN 684-13314-X

Moura, Ann; GREEN WITCHCRAFT, Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft; Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota 1996 ISBN 1-56718-690-4

Niel, Fernand; THE MYSTERIES OF STONEHENGE; Avon, New York 1974 ISBN 0-380-00473-9

Pearce, Mallory; CELTIC ANIMALS, Iron on Transfer Patterns; Dover Publications, Mineola, NY 1997 ISBN 0-486-29927-9

Pitkin Guides, written by John Watney; ROMAN BRITAIN; Pitkin Guides, Andover, Hampshire UK 1996 ISBN 0-85372-784-8

Rees, Alwyn & Rees, Brinley; CELTIC HERITAGE; Thames & Hudson, London 1961 ISBN 0-500-27039-2

Sharkey, John; CELTIC MYSTERIES, The Ancient Religion; Avon Publishers, New York 1975 Library of Congress Card #75-4334

Stewart, R.J. & Mathews, John, Editors; MERLIN THROUGH THE AGES, A Chronological Anthology and Source Book; Blandford Books, London 1995 ISBN 0-7137-2468-4

Stewart, R.J.;CELTIC GODS, CELTIC GODDRSSES; Blandford Books, London 1990 ISBN 0-7137-2113-8

Stone, J.F.S.; WESSEX Before the Celts; Frederick A Praeger Publishers, New York 1958 Library of Congress Card # 58-8184

Stone, Merlin; WHEN GOD WAS A WOMAN; Barnes & Noble Books, New York 1976 ISBN 0-88029-533-3

Stover, Leon E. & Kraig, Bruce; STONEHENGE THE INDO-EUROPEAN HERITAGE; Nelson-Hall Chicago 1978 ISBN 0-88229-612-4

Streep, Peg; SACTUARIES OF THE GODDESS; Little, Brown and Company, Boston 1994 ISBN 0-8212-1976-6

Sutton, Maya Magee Ph.D. and Mann, Nicholas R.; DRUID MAGIC; Lewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota 1938 ISBN 1-56718-481-2

Thomas, Charles; CELTIC BRITAIN; Thames & Hudson, London 1986 ISBN 0-500-27935-7

Waite, Arthur Edward; THE BOOK OF CEREMONIAL MAGIC; Barnes & Noble Books, New York 1997 (original copyright 1911) ISBN 1-56619-644-2


Daniel, Glyn; “Megalithic Monuments”; Scientific American July 1980

Mitchell, Frank; “Treasures of Early Irish Art”; Ireland Vol. 26 No. 6 November-December 1977

British Heritage March 1998 The Age of Arthur.

Guardian of the Trust Bibliography

Medieval England and the Magna Carta

Alphabetical by author

Brooke, Christopher; THE SAXON AND NORMAN KINGS; B.T. Batsford ltd. 1963 (no SBN on my copy)

Barber, Malcom; THE NEW KNIGHTHOOD; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK 1994 ISBN 0-521-55872

Bradfield, Nancy; 900 YEARS OF ENGLISH COSTUME; Crescent Books, New York ISBN 0-517-61670-X

Cantor, Norman F. Editor; THE MEDIEVAL WORLD 300-1300; The MacMillan Co., New York 1963 Library of Congress Card # 62-21216

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Coss, Peter; THE KNIGHT IN MEDIEVAL ENGLAND 1000-1400; Combined Books, Pennsylvania 1993 ISBN 0-938289-77-2

Coulton, G.G.; THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE; Dover Publications, Inc., New York 1925 ISBN 0-486-26--2-X

English Heritage, OLD SARUM; English Heritage London, 1994

Farmer, David Hugh; THE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF SAINTS; Oxford University Press, Oxford UK 1978 ISBN 0-19-283069-4

Fry, Plantagenet Somerset; BRITISH MEDIEVAL CASTLES; A.S. Barnes and Company, South Brunswick and New York 1974 ISBN 0-498-01741-9

Geis, Joseph & Frances; LIFE IN A MEDIEVAL CASTLE; Harper & Row, New York 1974 (No ISBN on my old copy)

Geis, Joseph & Frances; LIFE IN A MEDIEVAL VILLAGE; Harper & Row, New York 1990 ISBN 0-06-016215-5

Gorsline, Douglas; WHAT PEOPLE WORE; Dover Publications, New York 1951 ISBN 0-486-28162-0

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LaFontaine, Bruce; HISTORY OF THE SWORD; Dover Publications, New York 1998 ISBN 0-486-40139-1

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Zacour, Norman; AN INTRODUCTION TO MEDIEVAL INSTITUTIONS; MacMillan of Canada, Toronto 1969 Library of Congress Card # 69-19271

Guardian of the Vision and

Guardian of the Promise Bibliographies

Alphabetical by author

Late Tudor England:

Bingham, Madeleine; Scotland Under Mary Stuart, 1971, George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London ISBN 0-04-942084-4

Burton, Elizabeth; The Pageant of Early Tudor England, 1976, Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY ISBN 0-684-14917-6

Chute, Marchette; Shakespeare of London, 1949 E.P. Dutton and Co, Inc., NY

Ditchfield, P. H.; The Chjarms of the English Village, 1994 Senate, London ISBN 1-85958-030-0

Ditchfield, P,H.; The Manor Houses of England, 1994 Senate, London ISBN 1-85958-031-9

Eirckson, Carolly; Great Harry 1980, Summit Books, NY ISBN 0-671-40017-7

Freeman, Arthur; Elizabethan Eccentrics, 1978, Dorset Press, NY ISBN 0-88029-437-X

Leon, Vicki; Uppity Women of Shakespearean Times, 1999, MJF Books, NY ISBN 1-56731-373-6

Mattingly, Garrett; The Armada, 1959, The Riverside Press, Cambridge; Houghton Mifflon Co., Boston

Shakespeare, William; The Complete Works Abbey Library, London

Smith, Alan G.R.; The Emergence of a Nation State, 1984, Longman, London and NY, ISBN 0-582-48974-1

Smith, Lacey Baldwin; Henry VIII, Mask of Royalty, 1971, Jonathan Cape, London ISBN 0-224-00523-5

Biroge, Roger (Paston Family); Private Life in the 15th C., 1989 Weidenfield & Nicolson, NY ISBN 1-55584-270-4

Weir, Alison; The Life of Elizabeth I, 1998, Ballantine Books, NY ISBN 0-345-40533-1

Zweig, Stefan; Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles, 1935, The Viking Press, NY

Guardian of the Freedom Bibliography
The French and Indian War and the American Revolution:

Alphabetical by author

Andrews, Matthew Page; Virginia (The Old Dominion), 1937, Doubleday, Doran & Co. Inc., Garden City, NY

Bailyn, Bernard; The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution; 1967, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass & London, England ISBN 0-674-44302-0

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Forbes, Esther; Paul Revere & The World He lived In, 1942, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston

Franklin, Benjamin; The Autobiography And Other Writings, 1961 Signet Classic ISBN 0-451-52497-7

Franklin, Benjamin; The Wit & Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin; 1995, Barnes & Noble, NY ISBN 1-5661-9721-X

Gipson, Lawrence Henry; The coming of the Revolution, 1962, Harper and Row, NY and Evanston

Griffith II, Samuel B.; In Defense of the Public Liberty, 1976, Douobleday & Co. Inc.; Garden City, NY ISBN 0-385-02541-6

Halliday, E.M.; Understanding Thomas Jefferson, 2001, Harper Collin, NY ISBN 0-06-019793-5

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Schouler, James; Americans of 1776, 1999 Corner House Historical Publications, NY ISBN 0-879-28127-8

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