P.R. Frost resides on beautiful Mt. Hood in Oregon. She hikes the Columbia River Gorge for inspiration. She is an omnivorous reader having taught herself to read before entering kindergarten. Her sister claims this was so she wouldn’t have to wait to learn how to write so she could begin penning her stories. At Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention she can be found hanging out with filkers and costumers.

Like her fictional character Tess, P.R. learned to tat (la Frivolité) with her grandmother’s shuttle. Unlike Tess, she also enjoys bobbin lace, knitting and crocheting, periodically indulging in a binge of fisherman knit sweaters.

P.R.’s musical tastes are as omnivorous as her reading ranging from classical to Celtic to new age to jazz, and of course filk.

Join P. R. on her blog and share her latest hiking adventures, progress reports on her books and gushes over wildflowers