I was playing around with the leaf, seeing how it could combine with other stuff. I sort of liked one of them- so I went back and tried to do a simplified version- and actually took some notes. :)

Working in Photoshop 7.0

Instructions for image with leaf and one butterfly.

cut out leaf shape from first pic

pasted over butterfly pic (it pastes into a separate layer with a transparent background)

edit-transform/scale made leaf fit better over butterfly pic

used "screen mode" in layers pallette for the leaf

played with hue/saturation of the leaf in Image-Adjustments- hue/saturation

played with the curves for the leaf layer in Image-Adjustments- curves

went back to the background layer-
outlined butterfly with the lassa tool - hit copy
went back to leaf layer- pasted butterfly

used eraser to clean up edges on butterfly

used layer style- bevel/emboss with contour + drop shadow on butterfly

hit outer edges of butterfly wings with dodge tool

used filter- render/lighting effect- 2 o'clock spotlight on butterfly

tweaked the curves a bit more on the butterfly layer

added an outer glow in red to the leaf layer (layer style)
inner glow in a sort of brownish shade
added drop shadow in similar brownish shade

merged the layers and saved for web as a jpg.