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# ISBN-10: 0756404851
# ISBN-13: 978-0756404857

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With a space opera landscape, HARMONY explores the spirituality of a different human culture bound by a rigid caste system.

Laudae Sissy, the new High Priestess of Harmony, reaches across all seven castes seeking a new unity that will protect their isolation from the rest of the galaxy. But other cultures and races are testing their borders, seeking the most valuable commodity in civilized space.

Sissy’s quest leads her through a quagmire of human motivations to a new understanding of life upon Harmony’s Path.

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The launch of a brand new series that blends the best elements of science fiction and fantasy.

The world of Harmony, along with its close-knit colony planets, long ago isolated itself from the rest of the universe. Whether you were of human or alien descent you were not welcome in Harmony space.

But in a universe where the human-based Confederate Star System fleet finds itself hard-pressed to stand against ever-increasing attacks by the alien Marillon Empire, the Harmonic Empire cannot be left alone. For if the CSS cannot win an alliance with Harmony, the Marils will surely find a way to invade the planet and seize control of the unique and invaluable metal, which only the Harmonites can produce.

Yet invasion is far from the only threat the people of Harmony face. The gulf between rich and poor, rulers and ruled continues to widen, threatening to destroy the very structure of their society—while the planet itself is becoming increasingly unstable.

Can Harmony – and the unique young woman suddenly thrust into the role of High Priestess – survive both the external dangers to the empire and the internal political, social, religious, and ecological upheaval that threatens to tear the world apart?